7Oct '15

Hornby Island Wedding

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It happens in a small town, you hear that someone you know, someone fabulous, is getting married and you cross your fingers. Will they call you? Well Sammy and Mike did, but I wasn’t available – I was so disappointed, especially when I found out that they were getting married at a spot very close to my heart, Seabreeze Lodge on Hornby Island. As happens, schedules change, and when we ran into each other at a friend’s birthday party, we realized the date would line up. Hopefully these photos will express how happy I am that they did.

When you meet Sam, you just like her. Fact. Her sincerity, down to earth nature, that she laughs at your jokes, her kindness,  that she is a straight shooter and has the kick-ass attitude needed for her job  as a commercial fisher, make her quite the amazing catch. Michael also brings so much to this duo. First off, he is crazy about Sam. He has such a kind heart, is interested in life, is hilarious and has the ability to make people feel right at ease.  They are also both wonderful parents, they each have an adorable little boy, and together, they welcomed baby Opal into their family just this year.

Based on who these two are, it is no surprise that the wedding was full of solid, long term friends, who were giving every little bit toward this celebration. It was a busy day, with emotions running high before the ceremony and quite the party into the night. Nestled between this we snuck off to Helliwell Park, with trepidation, as some bad weather was threatening to join us. Of course, as often happens at wedding celebrations, the rain held off and our risk was rewarded with some of the most beautiful light I have seen at this favorite spot of mine.

Sammy and Mike, thank you so much for sharing this day with me. It really was inspiring, from the raw emotion, to the zest for the day. But my favorite part, was watching you two support, celebrate and love each other.


















Location: Seabreeze Lodge, Hornby Island

Cake: Seabreeze Lodge, Hornby Island

Dress: The Bride’s Closet, Nanaimo, BC

Hair: Ida-Marie Huska from Roots the Salon

Rentals: All-in-One Party Shop