12Feb '10

Helen Austin + a prize for you?

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Tuesday morning, settling into the email mountain and the phone rings. Before I even look at call display I know it is Helen excited because we have dry sky’s – which are not to be taken for granted. We move our session which was schedule for a different day to asap and it all falls in to place.
Our impromptu move set us up with the right mood for the style of images Helen wanted to capture.
I have had the sincere honor of photographing Helen many times, what I love it about is that each time it challenges me to create something different and better than the last time, and the collection of photos that we have created over the years are like an evolving story. Helen is that she is also full of ideas – so it feels like a true collaboration, as someone who creatively flies pretty solo,  this always gets me excited.

Helen is on the up and up, people would say she is going places – songs purchased by movies and mtv, constant new musical creations and much more.
Yet, that saying, “going places” is pretty lame if you ask me. It implies that where you are isn’t enough.
If the beauty of what she creates is any measure, Helen is exactly in the right place.

You can check her out here : Helen Austin Website
And if you haven’t heard her musical comedy songs prepare to bust a gut: Go here
Check out the Childbirth Song – it’s the fave of mine and Christine’s.

Do you know where these photos were taken?
If so leave a comment letting us know where it was taken and which of
these photos of Helen is your favorite and we will do a draw next week for a gift
certificate to the location, because we like giving presents.
When you are leaving a comment it will ask for your email, if you want us to contact you when you win please be sure to fill this in. (The email address does not show up to anyone other than us – it remains private.)