20Aug '12

Haley and Helen say I do = blended

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There were nerves. You could see it. Haley was maybe  shaking a bit. Helen was running around  ensuring everything was just right. How couldn’t it be? When these two met, and realized they had soul-mate status, it all changed.

Inside. That feeling you have when you know you are home filled them up.

I have known Helen from around town for 9 years. When she called me and said what are you doing on Tuesday August 14th, and do you mind ice? I knew exactly what I would be doing. There was no way I wasn’t going to be there, because when a couple like this – brave, honest, hard working, and living their true life, calls a photographer like me, one motivated by joy, truth and connection, you don’t say no.

Together they bound their love in front of close family and friends on the Vanier Ice Rink, signifying their shared love of, ringette and the way they met.

I was just hired for  few short hours, although in just the two hours I documented I feel like so much of them was captured. One of the highlights for me was their children. Helen’s Marin and Evan, and Haley’s,  evan, Kyra and Sumner moved with so much grace and class that I was totally charmed. The blending of these two families is only going to strengthen them and add to the amazing memories they are going to have. It gives me goosebumps to think of the love and respect that flows through this household.

Much love, Karen

Thank you to my assistant Jennifer Dodd