24Jun '11

Guest Post by Christine: Kristen + Mikhail-Tender Session

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When I went to blog about Kristen and Mikhail, Christine started talking about how much they mean to her.. so we thought we would have her jump in and write the blog post. 

I first met Kristen and Mikhail at prenatal class when we were both expecting our daughters, who were born 2 weeks apart. They hosted the prenatal reunion at which Kristen had served salsa and chips (among many other yummy things). At the end, I offered to help clean up and she wondered why nobody had tried the salsa. Upon tasting it very early on, I discovered it was in fact tomato sauce and it didn’t go so well with chips. I had to break it gently to Kris, who just roared with laughter at her “mommy brain”. This is just one reason I just adore these two, they are so real, and have such great senses of humour.

Kristen and Mikhail have become such good friends to Steve and me, and their daughter Brielle is Anaia’s best friend. The girls go to the same daycare; when I was in need of daycare, I signed up for where Brielle was, with no interest in doing further research into other centres. I knew if Kristen felt this was the best place for her daughter, it was the best place for mine too. Our daughters had their first sleepover the night of their photo session, and had a blast eating popcorn, watching Dora movies, and staying up late. I sadly realized Anaia is not very compassionate when someone misses their mommy. I kept hearing “your mommy is not here!” coming from upstairs and suggested to Anaia that maybe Brielle would like a hug instead of being yelled at? Something to work on I guess.

They were our very first clients to book our TENder session, within 10 minutes of the post going up. I love that they support what we do, and really embrace their relationship not only as parents, but as a couple.

Kristen and Mikhail, I adore you, and I hope you love what Karen has created for you!

And just in case you didn’t know how fun photo sessions are: