25Mar '17

In the green – Gabriola Island Getaway

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It started as a trip to Mexico, then morphed into a Rocky Mountain road tip, and evolved into an easily attainable and meaningful Gabriola Island getaway.

I go hard in life. That’s my style. I am not one for balance (and I really wish everyone would stop saying it was necessary,) however, I am all about my boundaries. This involves regularly heading away from home to refuel. Hopping a plane to a warm climate and rogue road trips with a loved one and my camera are right up my alley. I knew my daughter and I needed some time away from routine, chores staring us down, to-do’s and shoulds. I wanted, as us parents typically do, to provide a great experience. With the reality of my looming life as a part-time student and with a short spring break (seven days! – That is just enough to unwind but leaves a disappointing time frame for refuelling) I was apprehensive.

Things have a way of working out.

My daughter suggested Gabriola Island – she attends camp there every summer and was eager to share it with me. Literally the day after her suggestion, we received an Island Daily Deals for Surf Lodge Gabriola.

We arrived at the lodge well stocked  – with books and exhaustion – we had brimfuls of fatigue. Our plan was clear: read, sleep, walk, photograph. Shortly after arriving we realized it wouldn’t be so easily achieved. There was a plumbing issue that resulted in some wild rattling late at night and early in the morning. As could be expected with this soundtrack, there was no water. I am not a grumpy person and am a timid annoyed consumer but remember, I was overflowing with fatigue, so the vibe was… umm.. lets call it, “not impressed.”

But things have a way of working out.

Because now I love the Surf Lodge. It isn’t fancy. Truthfully, I thought it would be a little nicer than it was. But it has something better – genuine heart. When the staff realized that we should have been notified or moved to a different room, (the problem was in place before we arrived,) I don’t think they could have shown us better care. They went over and above in looking after us, they were sincere and they were generous. You know how it goes, right? We teach it to our kids – it’s about how you face a mistake, not about not making them.

Along with the usual suspects of Quadra, Hornby and Denman, I am definitely adding Gabriola to my get-away turf for day-trips and overnights.

During our stay we drove around the entire island, visiting most parks. Highlights included Berry Point, which is where these photos were created and the 10 minute Petroglyph walk that turned into a 6 km walk, my daughter’s verdict on that experience is still out.

Ate out at: WoodFire Restaurant, fabulous and able to easily accommodate Celiac and The Sunset Lounge Dining Room with a killer view and cozy vibe.

Drank coffee at: Mad Ronas

Books read: 

The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neill – now my second favorite book of the year (the first being When Breath becomes Air.)

The Best Kinds of People by Zoe Whittall – I am looking forward to my book club chatter on this dud because I can’t comprehend how it is a Giller Finalist

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara – living up to the hype and if I wasn’t blogging I would be reading it right nowPhotos taken:

Photos taken: (the last being my fave, reminding me of when I would photograph with my mama. How sweet to have three generations gaining enjoyment from photography.)

Green Gabriola Island, BCgabriolaGreen Gabriola Island, BCGreen Gabriola Island, BCGreen Gabriola Island, BC