16Mar '17

Grad photos – last session as a child, a look back

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I was looking through my archives to pull photos to promote grad photos and I am stuck in a mush of sentiment. I remember each of these photo sessions like it was yesterday – I can tell you what we talked about and how the air felt. This is some feat, because I was  trying to remember what I made for dinner on tuesday and came up blank and this morning I spent 35 annoying minutes looking for a book I had excitedly put out to read, (still missing and if you want to know what it is, I will tell you when I remember the name.)

However, my grad session from years ago are crystal clear.

Why? They are unlike any other session. They are pure celebration of who that person is. Youth are hard on themselves, and in these session they seem to understand it is a time to pause and say,”heck ya! I am a pretty fine! I am loved, I am skilled, I am beautiful.” These sessions are leisurely, offer a variety of locations that the grad and I collaborate on, they can have outfit changes, and the rest of the family can join for some group images.

Grad photo sessions are often the last time this youth is photographed and celebrated as a  child. What a gift for them  and the parents.

I am booking grad session in May and June. Keep in mind sessions don’t have to happen, and typically, don’t on grad day. Just buzz me (250-890-9222)  I will explain. Sessions begin at $300.

I need to share these photos because they were part of a person recovery from a rough morning.  These folks are well on their way to adulthood and I am so thrilled to have captured them. Thanks for popping up in my files today and bringing me back to the creation of them and helping me re-set my day.  <3

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