23Jul '19

Nuch and Colin (and their dog Scoops) at Gowlland Harbour – Campbell River Wedding Photographer

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It took Colin a few tries (4 actually) to get Nuch to say yes to a first date, and clearly his tenacity was the right decision. These two met while pursuing their Master’s degrees at UVIC. Nuch, was drawn in by his sense of humor, his brains and his kind heart and when he surprised her with a proposal, she happily said yes. Together with their dog Scoops (we are slightly obsessed with Scoops over here) Colin and Nuch celebrated with friends and family at one of Vancouver Island’s most intimate and beautiful locations, Gowlland Harbour on Quadra Island.

Nuch’s family had travelled from Thailand  to be with them. Watching her parents watch her, was one of the most heartwarming takeaways from the day. Everyone had such a happy, content vibe – we all knew this was a celebration meant to be.
To say Nuch and Colin looked fantastic is an understatement. Colin definitely wears a suit well and Nuch shined in two dresses. She wore a traditional Thai dress for the ceremony and some photos, and then changed to an equally stunning gown for more photos and the reception.

This day is everything that I hope for my clients. People were relaxed and present, which was amplified by the calming landscape, there were many moments of full laughter (thanks Scoops), and there were many expressions of love.

Thank you Nuch and Colin for being such a sincere joy – it was hard to send you back to your reception as I could have kept photographing you two until the sun went down.