14Aug '16

Gowlland Harbour wedding – Justin and Jamie

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Gone are the days of a wedding following a formula. They are about creating a memory, a marker in time, with your chosen, in a way that reflects who you are, surrounded by the people that matter. I feel so fortunate that my clients embrace this attitude. I relish that I am photographing them being true to themselves. The photographs, moments, and memories are genuine. The atmosphere is relaxed and natural, with an air of gratitude.

Justin and Jamie were clear on what they wanted. It was not going to be high-stress. They had a vision of a tea following the ceremony, and then an evening barbecue. They wisely handed the team at Gowlland Harbour their vision and then stepped away and watched the creativity and beauty unfold. They chose to not have a wedding party, and instead left time in the day to connect with all their friends – some who came from very far away. They wanted their photos to incorporate beautiful landscapes, and the way the two of them connected. Most of all they wanted to enjoy each other and the day.

The day was extraordinary, because of laughter, nature, friendships that have withstood years and distance, and these two, who compliment each other in a way that makes them both shine and breathe deeply.


Cake – Cakebread 
Dress- Victoria Bridal Boutique 
Makeup – Ali from Indira Esthetics
Hair: Alison from Pier Street Salon & Day Spa
Location: Gowlland Harbour