14Aug '16

A day with the Gorman Family

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I spent a glorious afternoon on Denman Island with parents Julie and Brian, and their treasures, Kialan, Finley and Skyla, capturing the little moments that make up their beautiful life. There were cuddles to be captured, joyful minutes of sibling love that could quickly turn to annoyance and then bounce back to giggles, there were games to play, books to read, and dinner to get on the table. While I value the historical benefit and the feeling of having a traditional portrait hung on the wall, a family documentary session like this has a different type of value. It captures the little moments that make up the lives we lead. From the clutter of books in the background, to finding a favourite doll, to making silly faces  – these are the bits that bring us joy as parents, while often overwhelming us. They are real though, and they are what we do everyday. While I hope the parents feel their heart flutter when they look now at the captures of this type of family session, these images here are for Kialan, Finley and Skyla, to look back and see how much their mom and dad showed love – to help the memories of family days come flooding back .
Julie, Brian, you are wonderful. Simply put. Your authenticity and compassion inspire me as a parent. And as for Kialan, Finley and Skyla, three very different children who hold so much depth and beauty, I am so glad they, and you, welcomed me into your world.

Enjoy –