19Sep '10

Goofbooth – Justine + Ian


If you recall, my post title for Justine and Ian’s wedding was “Anatomy of an A+ wedding.

Let’s add another reason to the list.

click HERE to see it larger.

 For the reception we set up a Goofbooth (aka a photobooth). This is no ordinary photobooth.

 Complete silliness, goofiness and ridiculousness was encouraged, and aided by a few props.
We set the photo area early in the day and ran it for two hours at the reception. It was a BLAST.

Really you could barely get me and my assistants Jen and Mike out of the booth. I overheard many times people saying “every wedding should have one of these.

Let me repeat it was a BLAST.

 If any of our 2011 weddings are interested in having something like this at your wedding email us.