10Aug '16

Vancouver Island Photographer – Goddess photograph

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To me, and the dictionary, a goddess is described as a woman of great beauty or grace. Angela is just that. Her beauty shines in her relationship with the ocean and nature, and in her role of a herbalist and expert on seaweed. Her grace is in her honestly and  genuine caring for others. These images were taken as part of the Body Shift program that I co-facilitated at Inner Pursuit Fitness. I truly feel so grateful that Angela joined us on that journey. Her presence is grounding and, what I can best describe as affirming. I also admire her passion for her work, as herbalist and co-owner at Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary.  To be giving this time on the beach with her, was truly a gift. 

Thank you Angela, I can’t wait to learn more from you. You are an inspiring woman. <3