29Aug '16

Christine – Goddess session

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I shot this session of Christine a few weeks ago. The images feel so truthful to who she is. So I asked her to share her thoughts around what she sees and feels when she looks at these images. Chrissy, I appreciate you every day of the week, as we work together and as you pour your heart into what we do. Equally, I appreciate our shared journey to rid ourselves of needless self- criticism, which allows us then to love more wholeheartedly and laugh ever more than we always have.

Thank you to makeup artist at Chloe Gyoerick at Chloe Glows – for playing with us.

Christine says – 

I am so done with comparing myself to others. 

My journey began in early 2015, when I was overcome with anxiety and grief over the loss of my beautiful mother in 2014. I knew something had to change in my life, but I didn’t really know where to start. I was inspired to join IPF: Inner Pursuit Fitness in early 2015 with the help of a few close friends gently nudging me towards better health. I love the supportive environment they offer, and it kept me coming back. I tried different classes and challenged my body. I got stronger and felt fit.

I started setting goals for myself and kind of kicking ass. Having always believed I could never be a runner, I became a runner. When I achieved one goal, I just kept setting more, and man, does it feel good to prove yourself wrong. I didn’t realize how much of an impact exercise and nourishing my body with good food could have on my well-being. This is the mantra of Studio IPF, and is now mine too.

Of course, this journey has come with its fair share of struggles too, as I still see so many women who are more fit, can run faster, lift heavier weights, etc. but I need to stop. We all need to stop. We are enough!! I joined the Body Shift Project with Karen and Leanne at Studio IPF with this as my “why”. At each session over the 5 weeks of this project, we all shared and bonded over the things that make us feel insecure and get us back on the path to self-love and respect. And then we worked out. It was truly awesome having this experience to prove to myself that my body is an amazing thing, and carries me through life. It should be celebrated, not hidden.
Karen and I spend a lot of time and effort reminding women that they deserve to love themselves, and you really have to believe that, with it comes a letting go and a window into more joy, and acceptance of yourself and others.  Start knowing your worth. It’s a journey, and we are working hard on it. 
When I look at these photos I see me. A strong woman. A woman who loves to dress up and have fun. Someone who is (more) willing to put myself out-there and take risks, a woman who took a painful experience and used it to step into overcoming some big sh*t and be “better” with myself. 
So this is me, world. Take me as I am, flaws and all. – Chrissy