22Jul '10

Girls Tribe – Lily, Autumn, Elizabeth and Renae

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Girl tribes, being a household of gals and growing up very close to my sisters and mom, I was pretty pumped for this session.
In they came, laughing, talking, telling me stories. The laughter started right away and stayed with us the whole time.
Lily, Autumn and Elizabeth – three beautiful names, for three stunning girls. What fascinates me about families is the different personalities, and this crew is a prime example. They all let their true selves show, while mom just emitted this peaceful, calm vibe.

I was in my element and could have played all day.



And Renae the matriarch, an amazing woman who has absolutely no idea how drop dead beautiful she is. Are you kidding me lady! That smile is a stunner!


Thank you Lily, Autumn, Elizabeth and Renee, for the great day in the park and the awesome joke sharing!