1Feb '12

I’m getting a makeover

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I am SO EXCITED to announce my new logo. My old one, for ten years has served me well. However, with my studio being such a great expression of my style, I realized my logo didn’t express ME. I decided that it was time to have a logo that conveyed the excitement and sense of celebration that connects me to my work. 

Drum role please…..
newlogo for blog.jpg
The logo is going to be integrated slowly. Originally I was going to launch it everywhere, the blog, my website, business cards, studio signage all at once. Then I realized how challenging and all consuming that would be, and I am SO OVER being stressed out, that was sooo Karen circa 2008.  
A huge thank you to the crew over at Better Mousetrap Marketing who designed the logo for me. They really did an amazing job of capturing what I envisioned, which was something playful, fresh, unique and professional. The process was seamless and quite fun.