15Jun '12

Gail & Albert 27 years

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I  get emotional at weddings, the thought of someone celebrating their future  – declaring their love, of course I get teary eyed.

Well when the couple in question has been married 27 years, when they still giggle and blush together, flirt and tease – when the portrait was a gift from their mid-20’s daughter, who watched with pride.

That gives me a whole different level of inspiration. That is true love. That is living, loving and success. That is what it is all about.

I had created a mother and daughter portrait for Gail and Rebecca and both my office manager, Christine, and I signed up to be leaders of their fan club – such incredibly nice people. So Christine and I were really interested to know what Albert was like. Really, there was a bit of pressure for him to live up to the fabulousness of the gals in his life. Well, Albert, I can tell you that I came back to the office and sang your praises to Christine – you might even have shown up the ladies in your life….. just a wee bit!