4Apr '12

From accounting to acting

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There is buckets of fabulousness is the valley of ours. Sure we are small town (and proud of it, ) but there is an abundance of talent. We read about our local culture contributors, the  artists, musicians, actors – in our local media.  However there is a whole section of our community that live here and work elsewhere. Web designers, educators, innovators, – despite the hassle of having to catch a plane to work, all that the valley offers, makes it completely worthwhile.

Peter is the founder and director of Plays That Work . An organization that integrates the form and discipline of theatre with business training. He has worked with a huge variety of organizations, including HSBC Canada, Scotiabank and more. What fascinated me about Peter before I met him was reading his website bio. Originally heading in the direction, and  following in his families footsteps, of accounting, he then made a switch from the business world to studying theology.  He realize the Priesthood was not his true calling, but in the process came to the decision to honour his passion for acting. Once deciding to put his intentions in that direction, he set the goal of having paid work as an actor within five years. Six months later he received his first paid job.

Reading this, I knew Peter was my type of person. Someone who pushes fear aside and instead heads towards living the life they know they were meant for.

Meeting and photographing Peter was for me, one of those affirmations that I am truly doing what I was meant to do – or else, would I really be brought some amazing people and be given the chance to connect with them.

The icing on the cake to photographing Peter is that I also got to work with Play That Work stage-manger Elisabeth. I could feel her smile in her first email to me, and I am sure she didn’t stop smiling through our planning meeting and the shoot. Her style, creativity and positivity is incredible. She is a huge talent.

Thank you Peter and Elisabeth!