19Jul '12

For the love of creating

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Recently I have given myself the task of doing a minimum of one self-assigment a month, around the office we call these “creatives.” They generally fit one of two agendas. The first is just to push myself, I recently shot one where whenever something seemed “easy” I wasn’t allowed to photograph it. The second category they fit into is connection. This is where I gather a group of other wedding vendors and we work together to create some images.

I truly value the other vendors I get to work along-side. I love knowing they care, as much as me, about the joy and well-being of a bride. So, while creating these images everyone hangs out, and as well as capturing some beautiful photos we get to know each other and deepen our connection. This is often a time as well, for the vendors to show off a element of what we do or offer ,that we wish to highlight.  I am so thankful for my fellow vendors for choosing to come out and “play” with me.

Joining in was:

Brides’s Closet – many of you already know of Fern, the owner of Bride’s Closet. She has a well-earned reputation on the island for being a super commited and knowledgable about what she does and for her attentive service. The dresses we photographed are

Roots the Salon – I have had a working relationship with Roots the Salon for many years. My favorite thing about them, other then their talent, is that they continue to push, grow and truly care about their clients looking awesome.

Purely Flowers – Tamra from Purely Flowers came on the scene a few years ago and now suddenly she is everwhere. For good reason, she is super creative and goes above and beyond for her work. She has created the flowers for most of my clients this year and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rustic White – Shannon from Rustic White will be known to some of  you in her previous role as owner of The Vintage Nest. She has an amazing aesthetic for decor, space and mood. As well as reclaiming and refurbishing vintage furniture, she is also able to provide furniture decor for weddings.

Big love to my model Brittany Penney and assistant Amanda Synder

A few other fave’s (so hard to choose)


ohhhh.. and I can’t resist sharing one more: