17Feb '15

Filling myself back up

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Selah and I have been heading to Vancouver almost weekly for an appointment and sometimes, by the time we get to the ferry home, we are a little rough around our sensitive edges. Yesterday, we pulled up early. With her being now 12 years old, I can leave her in the car, (as she is on crutches,) and absorb some fresh air.

I was tired. It would have been easy to loiter around, then indulge in a winning pull back to my car. However, I had my camera and it led me. I didn’t create any award winning images, but that isn’t the point.

It brought me up some stairs I have never noticed, it  coerced me into lying on the ground in the parking lot. Once on the ferry it sent me running around the car deck peeking out windows, and garnered me an invitation into the off-limited anchor room.

Once again, it is the camera for the win. It showed me the way to connecting with the moment, and literrally opened the door to new discoveries.


beauty on bc ferry