9Mar '11

Feelings this morning

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I am up early this morning, enjoying the quiet. It used
to be my way, to get up at 5 a.m. and by the time the family was up I
was done two hours of my work and the “must-get-done,” edge was off.
Many of you don’t realize, most of the time I finish work at 2:30 in
order to be with the kids, so in order to accomplish my work, I have to
be craft about where to squeeze some hours in. Lately though, I have
been a night owl, which really messes with my morning productively, so I
am trying to shift back and hit the sack early.

This morning I woke with high productivity hopes. I made a smoothie,
poured my coffee and headed into the office. There is work to be done
and I love my work, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Truly though. I have been sitting here, for 30 minutes. Just sitting.
Feeling sad, and moved. I have received the most beautiful notes in my
in-box this week. The sweetest bits of love.

I feel it, and it is beautiful, and I am thankful. Bless you.

I have a document on my desktop full of photos of a beautiful friend
which we lost this week. I hate that, and I hate  that it is paralysing

But it will pass.

This week I will feel sad. Tired. Confused. Chances are you have figured
out that I am not one to shield my emotions, tucking them away doesn’t
seem to work. Although I am sure it can make me look a bit socially awkward at times (sorry to those of you that were  in the Bodynetix class
I cried through,) it is one thing about myself I never wish to change.

I know many of you are feeling it as well. I say bring it on, rage, cry, laugh, journal. It’s the best way – sometimes it’s just what we need. 

I have many sessions to blog. For those of you waiting. Please just wait.

xoxoxox – K