20Jul '11

Family Photographs, an act of love

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When I was a child we lived around the corner from a portrait studio. I would walk by on the way to dance class and as I approached their window I would anticipate what I would see. I looked forward to staring at the families and imaging their lives, how they interacted and the fun they had together.You see, because they had a family photograph, I figured they were all really important – extra special families, who were truly connected. 

When I was in grade 4 we had our family portrait taken. My parents, my two older sisters and me. I remember that day well. The part I remember most is heading out together, to create something that showed our love for each other. Then, I remember when we received our prints and how special they felt. My mom had the foresight to  order one for each of us daughters as well. Mine is hanging in the hallway outside of my bedroom, and it is truly one of my most valuable possessions and memories. 
When I look at it, I am reminded of how much am loved and in love with my parents and sisters.  

A few of the families I have had the pleasure of photographing recently. 
Shelley, Bill, Liam and Josh joined me early in the morning – before the rain came – for a very relaxed session before heading out on a camping trip. Liam and Josh, you are stellar – and so easy to work with, thank you! 
I met the Jennifer, Larry and Alex  where their horses live out in Dove Creek. With their daughter heading off to Europe it was the perfect time to capture their family. The rain stayed away and the clouds and light gave us some serious beauty to work with. 
If you follow me on Facebook you know I love an early morning session and a family willing to join me for that experience. Lisa, Dave and Isaac greeted me at 7:30 a.m. and it was a lovely way to start the day, and once again we beat the rain. I had such a wonderful time photographing them, and getting to know them – they are such an interesting and kind family, I felt like I asked them a million questions. Lisa and Dave are the owners of Simply Amish Furniture near Canadian Tire, a stunning furniture store. 
Because Isaac just graduated high-school we also captured some images just of him. Isaac – you are full of grace and charm – and I adored photographing and meeting you. if my daughters were older I definitely would be working the blind date set-up.