20Aug '10

talking about life


Each time I run into someone they say, wow, “you sure are having a busy summer” – well yes we are, work has been busy, but this is the best summer I have ever had as far as life/work balance.


This summer has brought some amazing connections, I have been photographing the kindest, funnest, most amazing people. I have had two new assistants join our crew, and they have blown me away with their dedication and commitment to my clients and their own photography growth.

More so then ever things are running smooth as butter in the office. Part of that has to do with experience, but a huge part of it I owe to Christine. She keeps things on track so that when I pop in for my office hours I can get right to it. Working hand-in-hand with Christine to keep things ticking, is my I-Phone. I debated it for months, do I want to be always plugged in? I talked it over with the family, and we realized if it would give me freedom it was a go. Not to sound like a commercial, but the I-Phone, and a re-jig of our calendar system (thanks to Matt at Covaltek Computers) has changed my life.  

disclaimer to Christine : You are so much more important than my i-phone, but please don’t ever make me choose

What is really keeping us hopping here in the office is the jigsaw puzzle known as the fall calendar. We work very hard to accommodate our clients availability and balance it with my important role as “mom”. We are currently booking well into fall for weekends. If you are available weekdays we may be able to accommodate you earlier and we always leave room for maternity sessions and newborns.

The other part of my life:

This summer has brought so much down time with the kids, that I am mourning the onset of school. Although I pictured a summer filled with days at the lake, what we found that our family needed most was home time – waking up late, going with the flow, and staying as unscheduled as possible.  I fought it at first, because I wanted to be supermom, but I gave in to the title of chilled out mom and it has been beyond sweet.

We have also had wonderful visitors – my sister, cousins, the in-laws and our friends Jen and Kevin.  Really and honestly, my in-laws are wonderful
Last month my partner John finished school (yay John) and is now working away. He is here for five days, gone for seven. As far as I was concerned, he couldn’t leave quick enough (John please read on.. I really do love you.) Although we miss him, this works very well for our family, as having him 150% available to us for five days is a total treat. I also am a loner. No really … I am. I need my time alone, or else I turn really nasty … suddenly. So, now when the kids are in bed, I have nights where I don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s like a mini-spa retreat – complete with True Blood episodes and complete control over any music choices.
After seven day, I am jumping up and down to see John.

As for blog posts, there are many to come in the next few days – and I know there are some very anxious clients, stay tuned