2Aug '11

Erin, James, Olivia and Nolan-strong family love

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It typically goes down like this – 

Once you book a session, you and I chat and talk about feel, environment, and vision for the session. Well, when I talked with the super stylish Erin, she just kept telling me “I just want a nice family photo,” – she was so open to the feel and vibe, that it left me really excited to be open to what happened. 
We decided on our starting point, and after creating some family sessions there, moved to two other spots I had picked out. In there we did a clothing change and lots of goofing around. Olivia and Nolan and absolute sweethearts, totally warm, fun-loving and interesting. Erin and James, you have created a beautiful family that alludes the warm, laid-back and kind vibe you both have. 
Your family is adorable! Thank you for the lovely evening. 
Oh – one more thing, I have WAY to many fave’s… it was painful to decided between them – however this first one makes me so, so happy – 
Kids, feet firmly planted in a big, big world….
because they have an awesome family to help them grow –