31Dec '13

Erin and Ian Engaged

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They were (torrentially)  rained out twice, had a flat tire on the way to the session.. but it happened! Erin and Ian and were at the same place at the same time, with dry skies and a good sense of humour.

She caught his eye right away, being gorgeous, super friendly and really approachable helped. She meanwhile, at work, accidentally starting “bumping” into him and texting “really important” work questions. Still a bit unsure, if she was interested, Ian gathered up courage and asked her out for drinks with co-workers. Eventually, as the evening went on, it as just the two of them, dancing.. and  beginning the steps of falling in love.

In the spring of next year, that moment, all that has been created since,  and a future full of silly dancing will be celebrated at the lovely Crown Isle Resort in Courtenay, BC.