11Aug '17

Erin and Brandon wedding – among the flowers and peaks

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There was a calmness. At first I thought it was the weather that was creating the mood, but reflecting back I realize it was  Erin and Brandon themselves. Now the calmness didn’t negate a mood of celebration, that was definitely strong, but there was also this harmonious stress free atmosphere that came from these two’s confidence and love in each other and the support of their family. Although a wedding can be a whirlwind, both Erin and Brandon seemed completely present throughout the day. Brandon alludes this very gentle kindness, all day he was attentive to his family, friends and his new wife. Then there is Erin, constantly thoughtful and quietly watching and being attentive to the people she cares about, particularly Erin.

This day had all the elements I would wish on my clients. Loving friends and family, laughter, emotion and kindness. Huge hug to the wedding party, filled with childhood friends, this group seriously brought out the emotion in me – their care for each other and deep bonds made me think of my daughter and I can only hope she will have such rich friendships to carry with her throughout life.

Erin and Brandon, seriously – you two are wise, kind and obviously have such a clear idea of the things that matter to you both. I think you are the definition of “meant to be together” and I know you will gracefully navigate all that life might throw at you. Truthfully, your wedding was a complete joy to photograph, I definitely count myself lucky to have had the pleasure.


Reception and ceremony at the incredible Mount Washington Resort

Stunning flowers by  5th Street Florist

Beautiful hair by  Erin Rideout

Perfect makeup by: Shelby Lynn

Very tasty cake by Thifty Foods

Nicest DJ ever – Dave Hampshire at Mount Washington Resort