11Nov '19

Emma and Dustin, a celebrity wedding – Victoria wedding photographer


I genuinely feel honored to witness, connect with and photograph a wedding.  Knowing fully that this is cliche,, I am going to say it.. …”it is a gift.” It is a chance to be in the moment, fully present, to open my eyes, to see new things and to feel. It is good for my soul. Sometimes, that gift is extra meaningful and that is the case when it came to being there with Emma and Dustin.

Before becoming a wedding photographer, the only wedding I ever attended was the untraditional nuptials of my dad and step-mom (who, for the record, I love dearly)  in which my underage self passed the time sneaking glasses of unapologetically aggressively-sweet Jewish wine. My only other memory of the day is the Dickee Dee ice cream truck song in the park which drowned out the chance of hearing any of the ceremony. In all the photos that were taken at the home reception I am awkwardly holding the cat, for dear life and my selfish comfort. Not surprisingly, I never planned to become a wedding photographer.

Then, while living the photojournalist life, someone asked me and a photographer friend to capture their wedding, despite being in completely new territory I was hooked. Now, many years alter  I am full of wedding stories, most lovely, some hilarious, and a handful of them falling in the category of curiously bizarre. I am full of love, love for the people who  have trusted me and given me the opportunity to step inside their world-  like I said, it is always a honor.  This wedding has me sitting in deep reflection on how grateful I am to have this role.

I don’t know exactly how long I have know Emma and Dustin, I would guess around five years. My connection to them springs from the musical theatre community. A place where I am in awe and gratitude for the  way respect, hard work, acceptance, playfulness and kindness is slung about. It is a community my daughter joined, and as she stepped into that world there were leaders, Emma and Dustin, who welcomed her and others, in a way that makes me feel good about the world. Emma and Dustin  have shining talent on stage, and watching them perform and photographing them in their roles has been so much fun, but it witnessing who they are, and how they hold themselves outside of those roles that had me on their super-fan list. They are both quick thinkers, smart, and gentle. They are thoughtful and funny. When they fell in love the local theatre company was buzzing about it, and when the quietly contacted me to book their wedding date, I was loudly fist pumping that I had booked THE BEST celebrity wedding.

“I had arrived !!”

And so have they.

They have arrived to each other in such a beautiful natural way. With a love sitting on years of friendship, shared values and creativity,they now have their right person to move forward with. So celebrating this day was a gift. I was able to watch, (and when you watch you learn) their kindness to each other in their planning, and how they stayed rooted in what was important to them.  On the day, I saw their grace and humour, with each other, and how they shared that in their personal vows, which were beautifully lead by a Emma’s aunt. I captured family coming together to celebrate. Celebrate goodness. These are two ridiculously awesome people and their union had everyone smiling and feeling good about the world. Yes, this was just one day, but I know that feeling will be in reach for them on the days they need it and I know it left everyone leaving their day feeling hopeful, feeling loved, feeling grateful.

Thank you Emma and Dusin, for your fierce and friendly nature and having a wedding that allowed us all to celebrate you. It was a gift, to be there and to be given this chance to reflect. So much love.. xoxo

Emma’s Dress: Made by the bride

Makeup: By good friend Eleanore Smith

Groom’s suite: LeChateau

Wedding Ceremony: Bride’s Home

Wedding Reception: Saint Barnabas Church