31May '10

Eileen, Doug and Zoe Comox Valley Photographer


You know how it is in a small town – there are these families, that you kind of know, you have similar friends, you cross paths often, you always see each other at Thrify’s, you seem to circle each other. That’s my story with this family.
We are slowly getting to know each other, each time I see them I learn more about them and am affirmed that we are meant to connect.
First I met Eileen, and was smitten with her warm smile, approachability and smarts.
Then I met Zoe, and I fell hard, she is so poised and yet playful.
Next came Doug, who has that kind of laid back charisma, the cool cat vibe that I will never have.

Together they are absolute magic.


Enjoy the photos you three – when I look at them I feel happy