4Feb '10

Editing 4 Day old Elliotte or getting Lost?

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I fell asleep in the last ten minutes of Lost – three days ago. I have it taped and tonight is the night I should get on it (because these things are such high priority) and spend some time with Kate and Jack, but I had a much better idea.

This week has been full of sweetness and today is just got extra tasty. I had a Bella Session followed a tiny newborn baby. Throw in some parenting, prepping of the year-end books and emails and it was a busy day.

So when I finished up around seven, the plan was to cuddle children, pj and go into my room with my dinner and give myself over to the necessary Lost tube time. I only had to put in ten minutes, yet the computer was calling. I wanted, needed to go through my image four day-old Elliotte.

Charles and Caroline welcomed Elliotte into a world that was itching to meet her, she had so many fans before she came, I know because they called us, wanting to get Charles and Caroline photos for gifts. The people who called, went on and on about how special these two were.

Charles and my John worked together briefly and I always heard great things about him and Caroline, but you have to meet them to understand this peaceful nature they radiate – it’s pretty special and a wonderful gift to their daughter Elliotte.