1Aug '10

Echo & Colin Engaged


This year I seem to attract clients who have a joie de vie, a special spark, a zest, a little extra electricity.
When I first met Colin and Echo I sensed it immediately. The way she sat at the edge of her seat as she told me about them, their wedding, their photography. Colin, although definitely very chilled has that same spark.
So, it made sense that they did the mad dash from the ferry to reach Comox Valley where we chased the last bit of light for their session.

I am still riding a wedding high from yesterdays absolutely amazing wedding (more on that soon,) and looking at these has me counting down the days to Echo and Colin`s wedding – I am sure it is going to be a memorable one!

McNaughton  087tw.jpg

McNaughton  043tw.jpg

McNaughton  060tw.jpg