19Jul '11

Libations + Bacon

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So after my lovely evening at the Atlas Cafe I was apparently just starting to get on a roll for a weekend of dining and beverages. 

Friday night saw me at the Black Fin pub, watching the weather storm over the ocean, while I sat back and enjoyed a meal with my friend Kathy. What does that have to do with anything you may be wondering? Well it is just a segway to share some exciting foodie news. Kathy, is well known as being the magician behind Tria Culinary Studio, a very special and tasty place. If you are looking for an amazing evening out take part in her Full Moon Feasts, Cooking Classes or do what me and some friends did, book a private party. Kathy also keeps our tastebuds happy with her gourmet crepes at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Now, because she cares about us, or is just insane, she is taking on a third venture. Cathy will be opening Tria Take Away mid August in the lunch/counter space in the Butchers Block on 4th Ave, just down the street from my studio. You can follow Kathy on her Facebook page
Now Sunday, after a very chill day with the family I headed out to The Old House Restaurant and 30 day Local Food Challenge Cocktail Competition. Bartenders from The Old House, Atlas, Flying Canoe West Coast Pub, Go Mango, Locals, Avalanche, Mad Chef Cafe, Kingfisher and Fluid whipped up some locally inspired bevies. Chocolate, cotton candy, cucumber, lavender, and even pepperoni and bacon made an appearance. There were some pretty inspired beverages. The Old House will be posting a link to the recipes in the next few days, so check them out on Facebook to catch them
1st place went to Andre at Atlas for his King of the Blues
2nd place to Benny from Fluid for his Big Ass Ceaser 
Peoples Choice went to Devin from Avalance for his Chocolate Buzz
I can now tell you first-hand that bacon, local bacon that is,  in a caesar is actually pretty darn delicious and that we have some serious creative cocktail creators in these parts.
You can see more photos on my Facebook page