18Jul '11

Eating & Drinking my way through the summer

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Summer brings a finely tuned balance of sleep and play, parenting and working, exercising and eating.. okay, well I could be doing better with the exercise part, but I really have been excelling at the eating and drinking. Oh wait! That sounds bad, I really shouldn’t be writing about drinking on my blog…. 

Dear clients: I don’t drink a lot I promise. 
Okay then. 
I am a summer beverage enjoyer. Summer holidays begin and the white wine goes in the fridge, and where as I wouldn’t typically order wine with a meal it becomes the most anticipated part. I also tend to eat out more, I am a sucker for an invite to the patio or a late evening dinner invitation. 
So, when I can roll eating and drinking into a little work/community support, I am pretty  darn happy. I have been hitting quite a few of the 30 day local food challenges, mostly with kids in tow, but this weekend was all mine. 
I kicked off the weekend Thursday night, (when you are self-employed you receive a weekend  head start, to balance the times you worked day and night,) with dinner at Atlas Cafe with my beautiful friend Lucy. Beaufort Winery, Altas and Prontissima Pasta teamed up to create a memorable evening of pasta specials and wine. The Beaufort Ortega is always my top pick for summer wine, so much so that I haven’t tried their other offerings. They were pouring a white wine flight and I sampled their Beaudacious and Pinot Gris, which has pushed the Beaudacious to equal standings as the Ortega. To match the wine, Sarah from Prontissima  Pasta was circulating samples and Atlas was offering a variety of pasta specials, including a trio of pastas, which was truly delicious. Seriously Atlas, do you ever go wrong? Your service is always seamless and the food always fulfilling and buzz worthy. 
Now, it has come to my attention that not all of you know about Prontissima Pasta. Not to get on my soap box, but come on people!!! It is in Tin Town, otherwise known as Rosewall Crescent and you can also pick their goods up at the Farmers Market. Their pasta is my fave for impressing guests, delivering dinner to a friend in need and making a quick family meal – so you see, you really need to check it out.