6Aug '11

Out of here – ticking off the bucket list

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 I am living the dream, it is exactly what I always wanted. To enjoy the beauty of my life, the people in it and to document it with my camera. I am a goal setter, so getting here wasn’t  by accident, I have had one year, five year and ten year plans – yes I am an A type personality, yes, I write my goals down, it seems to land me in places I had always dreamed of and for that I am so thankful, I carry gratitude with me always and I am regularly dumbfound that I should be so fortunate. 

Sometimes when you are loving what you are living, you can get so caught up in the day to day that you can forget to step back and look at it from different perspectives. I am the type of person who likes to step back and check in with myself – even when all is well. 


When a family member became ill last year it sent me for a bit of a twirl. I also lost a good friend last year. I always live life like it is fleeting, but every once and a while the notion that we are only here for a short time really smacks you over the head. 
One of my dreams for the last three years has been to spend a month on Hornby Island, where my mom and step-dad live. As my daughter got older and I became a step-mom this seemed increasingly farther out of my reach. I always imagined doing it in the winter when photographing isn’t quite as busy, however as our kids lives have grown busier this just didn’t seem possible. Then John, my wonderful other half, looked at it from a different perspective and suggested I go in the summer. Eeek – during my super busy season? Yes. I thought there is no way I could go in August, there were so many obstacles – the cost of Hornby in the summer, work, work work. I was full of reasons why it wouldn’t work, for about five minutes that is. Then off I was to google finding a little Hornby Cabin down the road from my moms.
So today we head to our Hornby shack for a month. It will just be me and my daughter, John is working, my other daughters are away visiting  family.

We are going to stay up late, sleep in, wake up in the morning with no plan, we will ride our bikes, help my mom in her garden, do art, hit the beach. In order to achieve the life I want and pursue all my interests and friendships my life is so highly scheduled – this month will not be. 

I will just BE. 

I am not abandoning my post here entirely. I will be travelling off Hornby each weekends to photograph a wedding and limited portraits. I would like to give a huge thank you to Christine, (my office wife/diva/manager/friend/left-over-sharer/stabilizer,) as she will be in the office three to four days a week and will be taking care of all your needs and relaying them to me. 

I hope you have some quiet moments and perhaps I will see you on the beaches of Little Tribune. You might see me on the blog or on facebeook or you might not, that’s part of the plan to have no plan, we’ll see what happens, I might find that I miss writing and sharing or I might just be unplugged.