6Jun '11

Dreams too big?

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I had a fabulous weekend. Despite it being a busy photography time of year, I always ensure I take a few weekends off throughout the summer. For 10 years myself, my daughter, my mom and step-dad, my sisters and their family and I head to Tofino for 5 days. This year, due to my step-father’s health we stayed more local and convened on Hornby Island where my mom lives. It was only two evenings and two days and I managed to enjoy the obligatory lemon drop martini, the farmer’s market, 1 1/2 books, two nights of great sleep and the the undeniable feeling of contentment being with my sisters and mom gives me. That’s the big ticket. It’s them. One of the greatest blessings I have been given is these three women, who I share a silly sense of humour with, a parallel view of the world, and a love of family. 

When I got home last night I continued the holiday vibe and stayed up way to late finishing this book. The book was a creeper, the kind that you don’t realize is getting under your skin and ruffling your emotions until you put it down. I think you would either despise it and find it a waste of time or really appreciate it. For me, obviously, it was the latter. 
I have been asking myself many questions lately, This book, and a conversation I had with a good friend this morning, had me thinking about compromising. How much to compromise in life? I am obviously a believer in big dreams and following  the magic, but at what cost? Can your dreams be too big? How much risk is too much risk in turning bold dreams to reality?
So if you have an easy answer, feel free to fill me in. Meanwhile I will embrace the journey of seeking these answers and enjoy all the goodness that surrounds me – including this long anticipated sunshine.