7May '15

Double maternity – Comox Valley Photographer

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One of the great joys of my work is documenting life journeys and changes, and in this small town, being able to cross over with clients in different aspects of my life and work keeps thinks very personal.

Melissa and I had been emailing about something unrelated, and I was really enjoying our correspondence, when she added to our email thread – “I am expecting really soon, any chance we can book a maternity session?”

I jumped at the chance to capture their maternity photographs and get to know this woman better.  The situation became even sweeter when she added, that her brother Lee and his wife Elisa would also like to join us.  Lee and Elisa hold a special place for me, I photographed their wedding last summer, and we had some pretty memorable experiences.

So having both Lee, Elisa, Melissa and her husband Dylan, all out together, celebrating the impending new additions to this family was quite something.

I am so excited for them, how many amazing to have kids arriving so close to each other.  Thank you for making me part of this memory!

You are beautiful. xoxo Karen