28Jun '19

Dolphin Resort Wedding with the brightest smiles, Chris & Amanda


Maybe it is because their first date was a yoga class, and their second date was a running race, because these two have the perfect mix of being really relaxed yet making things happen. During the majority of their 5 year relationship Chris has worked out of town, which has lead them to become a great team as they focus on their time together and staying connected when they are apart.

They are so much on the same page, that they proposed to each other on the same day.

The wedding was spectacular, filled with friends from near and far who joined for these two for a warm, down-to-earth and classy celebration at Dolphins Resort (who as usual wowed everyone with their service and food.)

We so enjoyed Chris and Amanda’s fun spirit and their love and respect for each other was inspiring Their vows to each other were heartfelt and brought me tears. It shone a light on their acceptance, respect and really, their awe for each other and the fact that they get to have a life together. It was truly a wedding that made me feel, the love, the joy. Really, it was the type of  love that had me and sending my sweetie some extra heart emojis and ensuring I got up first the next morning to make the coffee.

Thank you Amanda and Chris for sharing your love, your incredible outlook on life, and your wonderful shining personalities with me.