18Jun '10

Dear Partrick Family, let’s talk

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There’s some families around town that will always be a little extra special.  When I first moved to the valley these families where my cheerleaders. They were excited about what I was doing, they inspired, they encouraged, they told their friends. I connected easily with them and care deeply about them.

The Patrick Family is part of this crew.

About seven and half years ago I was shooting a bride getting ready and in the corner sat a stunning and very large bridesmaid, eating a subway sandwich, like it was the first time she had ever had white bread goodness. We looked at each other and smiled, then compared our very pregnant bellies. Right then, I knew I adored her.

We next saw each other in the elevator around the maternity ward, then again when they brought their lovely son Braydon in for photos. She later joined me on a Chicks who Click class.

It was around this time that I started my crusade for her to become my neighbour. Of course, there are logistical problems, like their jobs in Campbell River, and loving their house. So, I have moved on to another way to snag them permanently.

Arranged marriage. I figure with all the gals in this house Brayden is sure to steal one of their hearts. It won’t be hard. He has already overcome numerous obstacles that will give him a rare strength, at seven years old Braiden is working on getting close to walking without aid, and this is just the tip of what he has had to overcome.
However, the magic is, that none of it seems to phase him. He told me the kids at school call him the King.  He is confident, he is charismatic, whip smart and adorable.

Now Jenna has told me that Braiden already has plans to use E-Harmony to find a wife, but I am pretty sure we can work around that, there is lots of time.

Kevin, Jenna, Brayden – you are awesome.

and kind of fierce….