20Nov '14

Where love lives – A day with the Carlsons

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Pineterest, Facebook, heck, even now the bookstore can make you feel like you aren’t enough. Do you make pizza in muffin tins? Have you journaled today? Please tell me you are making a home-made advent calendar for the holidays and you google “life-hacks” to keep your closet organized.

So let’s bring it back to what matters and what is real.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love celebration, sentiment, creativity and effort (and Facebook for that matter.) But I am also someone who, if I let them, can get overwhelmed with “shoulds”. I wear many hats in my life, mom, step-mom, business owner, mentor, friend, home-school teacher. People often ask me how I do it all. Well, I don’t do it all – my house is typically messy, my dogs don’t get nearly as many walks as they should and my fenced garden sits bare mocking me. Usually though my answer is more instinctively about the way I see things. I notice details. That’s it. There you have my big secret, (I have few other go to tactics, but that is for another blog post.)

Today, was a day that could have gone off in many directions. One child overslept, my software didn’t work, I had to wear too many different hats. Then I stopped, the light was incredible, my daughter was writing her heart out, our organic grocery basket came. Little things. They happen every single day.

Birthdays, romance, celebrations, they are so important but they are nothing without all the in-between. A teenager having a hard day, soothing a toddler after a fall and the power to help them feel better, the ten minutes of quiet in between it all.

This is where love lives. Everyday.

I adore family portraiture, and that won’t change – having a portrait created is a significant act of love. Getting dressed up, picking a favourite spot, that is a celebration of your family.  But I want to tell the other side as well. I want families to have the little moments, that string it all together, documented for themselves 20 years from now. It is beautiful.

So, let me introduce the A Day in the Life Concept. With the Carlson Family, I arrived early, actually sneaking before they woke up (thanks Carlsons) and documented a weekday, which was their choice. It was truly a typical day. Crystal told me, “not much really happens.” I beg to differ.

Just watch the slideshow at and tell me you don’t see energy, learning, ups and downs, kindness, compassion and love, many of the very fibers that hold a family together.

I am booking limited sessions at a rate of  $800 as I build my Day in the Life portfolio. This will include : my time (approx up  to 7 hours) , a slideshow,and approx 125 high resolution “photographers fave” images.  It can be on a regular day, a family gathering, a holiday?An incredible gift to your family for the years to come. Photographically I am so excited. This allows me to  draw on my past years as a photojournalist, and more recently as a portrait photographer. Personally, I am in love with this concept!  I know some of you may be thinking,” no way could I let my guard down,” but trust me you will, just ask the Carlsons. Truly, it is just like having another friend around, and after just a short bit, you forget I have a camera with me.  Feel free to call me for more information.