16Oct '16

Day off excitement: The way a circle kisses a line

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Confession time.  Despite a month filled with travel, nature, family time, good food, and killer photoshoots with dynamic folks, these photos showcase one of the finest hours of my last 30 days.

It started as a day off, with no big plans (my favorite kind these days,) that took me adventuring to a nearby structure slated for demolition.

The 60 minutes spent there had me just being present. I saw the variety of ways a square and a curve can meet, the blue hue of a trickle of light coming down a stairway, a cord subtly and confidently cutting through a monotone scene, the backlight around some glass, different shades of white connecting.

It all simultaneously brought me peace and excitement. Often capturing simple shapes gives me an affirmation that I have yet to find elsewhere.  Additionally, I am a person very easily pleased.