13Sep '10

darn you for ruining my pity party

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Today wasn’t the day I expected, but that’s okay.

Okay, wait a minute – let’s keep it real.

Today wasn’t the day I expected, really, today was crappy – (sorry for the lack of linguistic elegance, I gave it some thought and this really is the best word to describe my day.)

It was a total bummer and if you asked me a hour ago I could have easily sucked you into pouting it out with me.

Now I have comfort cauliflower soup on the stove, and I plan to add lots of high fat cheese to it.

I snuck away from the family to do a little editing,because there was no flippin way this day was going to be crappy and unproductive.

So, while I was editing. I saw this. I will admit, I smiled a bit, I even felt the lower lip recede.



Then I logged into my blog and saw these two comments from Jess, whose wedding I recently blogged. Jess, is usually busy off flying a plane and the fact she made time for this was incredibly sweet and set me in a place where I could gain some perspective on the day.

Thanks for throwing a curve ball in my determination to pout today Jessica. Sending you a HUGE hug.

From Jess:


Dear Karen
When I look at your photo’s it brings a smile to my face and my heart. Your photos are true art.
It is such a grand gift for Loren & me, to have our wedding day captured with your pieces of art.
Your photos reflect and show our personalities, love and the joy of that day.
From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for everything
that you have done for us on that day and the months leading up to the
All the best in your days ahead  Jessica   (09.12.10 @ 09:20 PM)


To Future Brides & Grooms

It was a pleasure to have Karen photograph my wedding. Not only are
Karen’s photos worth every penny. But on the big day she was very
calming to be around and extremely professional, all while having a
fantastic sense of humour. With Karen as your photographer you can feel
confident in knowing that even if it rained on your wedding day you
would have fantastic pictures. She captures all the right moments with
photos that speak for themselves. Karen goes above and beyond on your
wedding day. If you have the lucky chance to have her photograph your
wedding you will be left with a gift that will allow you to remember
the day married your true love in the best possible way. I highly
suggest her!

Jessica  (09.12.10 @ 09:42 PM)