24Sep '10

Danielle and Lonny – the next chapter

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She could have been wearing her oldest pair of pajamas, or a tattered pair of jeans, it wouldn’t have mattered because Danielle would have looked beautiful. Despite the stunning dress, and perfectly done hair and makeup, it was Danielle’s smile that gave me goosebumps. I have seen her smile before, at our engagment shoot and during our meetings,  but not like this. This was special.

When I went to meet Lonny before the ceremony, he had a different energy, a nervous one – Lonny, I think you take the pacing award, and your nerves and excitement were so sweet and such a  testament to how much you love Danielle.

When Danielle and Lonny called me to book their wedding I had already reached my yearly cap, but thanksfully my office manager Christine, who knew Danielle, told me I really shouldn’t say no. I can see why. First off for their wedding reception dinner they served, what I now know is called BRINNER, that is breakfast-dinner – and who isn’t a fan of that!
From the get-go these two have been fun, sweet and real – watching them interact with each other, they way they laugh together, is a fairytale.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank- you – you both shine so brightly and I enjoyed every minute of your beautiful day. (I feel a little sad that your wedding is over, but am so looking forward to designing your album.)

We chose a rather unique song for their slideshow, only fitting for a couple where the groom entered to the Star Wars Theme. To see the show larger and with music click HERE