23Oct '16

Cumberland Forest Elopement – McKinnon Photography

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Sometimes it is hard to find the words for what I want to convey and I fear that I can’t justly express what I am feeling about this wedding, and these two.  I will tell you though, as I write, backspace, erase and write again, that my eyes are wet with joy.

I am grateful for these two friends of mine, for being leaders in how to love, in honesty, and in strength. I am grateful that they found each other and are raising a beautiful tribe of little boys, while still finding time to play and learn together. I am grateful for the breathtaking Cumberland Forest, and for the rain that came down hard in the days before and intensified the rich greens, but then, kindly took a break to let some blue sky join us for a few hours.

Dave and Chantal quietly said “I do” on Tuesday October 18th. Chantal looked stunning. With some nerves and excitement she made the quiet walk up to join the very cheerful  Dave at the top of Devil’s Ladder to exchange vows.  The marriage commissioner Craig Gillis, myself and our friend Sarah all knew we were part of a very magical moment. Truly a gift. Thank you for allowing us to share in that space with you.

You two are truly beautiful and inspiring.

Hair by:  Hairpins

Flowers: Purely Flowers