30Jun '12

Crystal & Daniel Engaged

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The engagement session, for me gives  the chance to get to know you as a couple. Where as the wedding day photos can blur by, the engagement session is a slow pace of photographing and chatting. It helps me see how you interact and helps me see the best way to photograph you.

It helps my clients become accustom to being photographed as well, which can make a huge difference to the wedding day.

However my favorite part of the engagement session is getting to know my couples better so I can see them even more deeply.

Crystal and Daniel are an incredible couple. Professionally, they are rockin’ it. Daniel, as well as being a pilot, runs a business, and Crystal is a personal trainer at the Rick Hansen Foundation. Personally, they have it going on, funny, smart, warm and adventurous. And well, they are also a super gorgeous couple.

Their Newcastle Island Wedding, is one I am so looking forward to. Crystal and Daniel thanks for flying in to shoot with me and talk wedding over lunch, thinking about your wedding puts a big smile on my face –