22Jan '14

Crystal and Gloria say I do at The Empress

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It really was a grand affair. There is no other way to describe it. From the stunning embossed invitation promising “merriment and mischief” to the decor – the Fairmont Empress ballroom was full of personal items, antiques, photos and other vinatage curiosities complimenting the stunning architecture of the room. Then there were the brides, Crystal-Lee and Gloria, you really outdid yourself, from your detailed gowns, to glamorous bling, you looked beautiful, but the best part of you two was the sweetness and gentle attention you bestowed upon each other throughout a very busy day.

The day started with the brides getting ready in a stunning suite, muching on lunch, as their friend Liz helped with hair and Crystal did the makeup while their (hardest working ever) wedding planner  Sandra from Decorate Victoria put the final touches on their ceremony and reception room.

After a few photos, the brides entered their ceremony serenated by good friend and incredible talent Ashley  Daniel Foot, as is talent filled the room, so did a great sense of joy and emotion as the brides weaved their way to the centre of the room for the vows, which included song dedication by both brides and a surprise one to them both as well.

The ceremony was followed by more music, including so many personal performances and a sing along, and an evening full of class, tasty treats and beauty.

Yes, this whole wedding was a great feast for the senses, but truly it was  gift of heart, the love these two showed each other and the detail put into celebrate that was a true reflection of the beauty they choose to live with daily.

Thank you Crystal-Lee and Gloria for the glorious gift of your day and  grace.






Cake: The Fairmont Empress Hotel

Wedding Dress: Designer Maggie sottero courtesy of Camarillo Bridal 

Pianist: Kris Epps was the pianist

Soloist: Ashley Daniel Foot the solois

Invitation: The Stationary Collection

Menswear: Mission Tuxes

Top-Hats and Canes: Bonnie and Clyde Clothing and Accessories

Film Production: Capture the Moment Media

Flowers: Rook and Rose