9Sep '16

Crown Isle Wedding – Juho and Sam

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When I first talk with my wedding clients on the phone I make messy notes. Of course I record details like wedding time and location, but I know these elements will be flushed out and we will come back to them later when I write my itinerary for the day. I am interested in these details, but at this point I am listening for something more –  a clue that will start the path to learning about who they are are. I write down bits of what they say about each other, and my reflections on who they are.

My first conversation with Sam left me inspired. My notes have both their names in a circle, with rectangles around each their names.  Sam talked about her and Juho as one, not as individuals, yet at the same time she conveyed deep respect for their individuality. I wish I had recorded the call, so I could give you an example, because it was so clear to me. I also cried a little after we spoke. In marrying Juho, Sam is also choosing his two wonderful children. She spoke of them with such love, and went on to tell me how important it was to capture a photo of her new step-children’s mom, who is family.  The move to choose how family is defined, is one, as someone who co-parents with my ex and his partner , that is  close to my heart. Sam and Juho, you are role models and clearly your little people are lucky to have you all.

But I digress, the wedding itself was fan-fricken-tabulous.  The morning started all about hair.  Sam’s incredible hairdresser from Vancouver came to the Comox Valley to ensure she was well taken care of – and looking fabulous. As he worked his magic, the Sam and her bridesmaids seamlessly prepared for the day. After a beautiful ceremony near Seal Bay, they couple kicked off their party visiting over champaign under the blue skies. The reception, really, was one big party, with moments of emotion during some very meaningful speeches and the dance floor getting lots of attention, especially when the groom joined the band. The room was full of joy, literally, each guest seemed to be beaming in their excitement for Sam and Juho.

Thank you Sam and Juho for the chance to capture your union – you two are wise and loving and your day was a honest, beautiful reflection of that.

Cake by Cakebread, Dress from Bisou Bridal, Hair by Mo Mukhtar (From A Salon),  Band is the The Neon Stars , Decor at both the ceremony and reception by Christina Leaman from All in One Party Rentals, Reception location is  Crown Isle, with fabulous support by Sheryl.