28Mar '11

crossing back over

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I have been jet setting, well really, I have been in Vancouver and Victoria. Now I am settled at home and today is my first day back in the office in what seems like eons. I am crossing back into routine and I am feeling warm and fuzzy about it – it won’t be long until I crave spontaneity and change, I teeter back and forth, but for now, it is just perfect.

I have photos to share, but much office work to be done.

So, I leave you with this sweet-pea, little four day old Sweet Pea, Tellulah Bea, her and her lovley, loving family make my heart go pitter-patter.


Oh, did you hear I photographed 32 AMAZING women on Saturday, we had a blast and raised some dollars  for the Comox Valley Hospice Society.

The above sentence, both parts of it, make me very happy. More about it later…..