21Jul '17

If you know this family – Courtenay Portrait Photographer

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I planned on blogging this session right after we photographed. The photos were ready but the words weren’t. They still aren’t, because,  I am having trouble writing about the special feelings I have for them. So apologies in advance for not being able to get it all into the words that express how grateful I am to know this family.

I first met the Petty family when I photographed Lisa’s maternity session when she was pregnant with her youngest son. Their warmth, honesty and true goodness moved me then. That was even before, through a series of challenging circumstances, that they came deeper into my life and were the people that  helped my family out in a immensely meaningful way.  Since then, I have had them in front of my camera numerous times, I have been the recipient of their kindness repeatedly and been inspired by the bold way they live their lives. They have managed to raise four incredible kids, while dad sometimes worked away and mom went back to school to become a nurse. They understand taking life as the gift it is and live the love they feel for others.

For me, they have been gift in my life. They have shown me love, and looked out for people that I care deeply about.

Photographed this session, for the family and for Caleb’s graduation, was a really meaningful. The boys, like mom and dad are unapologetically themselves – a self that is  funny, charming, kind and wise.

Thank you for gracing the space in front of my camera.