27May '16

Courtenay Family Beach Photos

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There are some people that I just love to watch, to witness how they interact and move in their day. Erin came to one of my photo workshops, and  she interacted with others and and her camera with a thoughtful and warm intention. When she emailed me about  photos, I was excited for the opportunity to experience her around her family.

We headed to one of my favorite Courtenay beaches for some family photos, with her husband, children and parents. The soft light was perfect and the time together was even more special then I could have imagined.

The kids kept us laughing, the grandparents care towards the family was full of sentiment. However the moment that will stay with me was the care between Erin and her husband. They moved easily through engaging the children together, and melted into each other as if they were newlyweds.

These photos are a reflection of what I believe is the intention they have for their family mixed with their perfect “go with the flow” approach.

Big love for these beautiful folks.