1May '17

Vancouver Island Boudoir – Jenna

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I am not going to say much here. I am just going to let her energy and radiance speak for itself. Well, it is me after all, so I am going to say something... of course. Jenna and I have history. We knew each other years ago, we were both at a different place, literally and emotionally. Spending this time with her was truly ideal and so worthwhile. We almost didn't have to talk (although of course we shot deep shares back and forth,) as we just get each other. Our lives are very different, but we both have experienced adversity becoming an opportunity to kick-life's-ass (in a good warm fuzzy way of course) and have found strength in carrying gratitude for the power of choice. 

Jenna, you blow me away. I will always feel like we have a meaningful and honest connection and am honored to share community space with you.

Let these photos always be a celebration of your journey and beautiful self.