10Oct '15

Courtenay Photographer – Welcoming their 3rd joy

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Photographing this family grow has been such a joy. I have photographed all of their newborns and what leaves me baffled is how they seem to get more and more relaxed as a family. I have been wanting to switch things up on the blog a bit, and be part of continuing to grow connections and break down barriers between people, so I am going to be trying out a new blog format, where my clients let you know a bit about them.  I thought I would start with the Moose family, because they know how to keep it real!

What is most surprising about having a new baby in the house?

According to their four year old:  I thought he’d be this big (holding hands a foot apart) but actually he was THIS big (holding hands wider)! Then grandma said:  “I think that surprised mommy too.”

What is one thing you would want a new parent to know?

Don’t panic. It gets easier. 🙂

Best place for take-out, when getting dinner on the table is just too much?

Oh, so many places! We like Domo and Union Street lately.

Biggest vice?

Probably take out. (See precious question). 🙂

At this moment, what is the best part of being a parent?

The opportunity to laugh about 100 times a day. Kids are so funny.

What is the best part of raising your family in the Comox Valley?

There is so much to do here! From outdoor activities like the beach or trails or parks, to fun activities at the rec centre or play groups, to great kid friendly restaurants… If you’re bored it’s your own fault! Love it here!