1May '18

Standing behind the Ladies Who Fight – Portrait Event Booking now



We are very excited to announce a fundraiser for the Ladies who Fight Relay for Life team.

I think it is fair to say almost everyone has been impacted by cancer. My beautiful mom is a survivor, I lost a close inspiring friend in her 30s, and four years ago my studio manager Christine lost her mom, too young and too quickly, to breast cancer.

Last year we were moved by the work that some women in our community were doing to fight cancer. These women have come together to form a driven Relay for Life team, under the title Ladies Who Fight. These Ladies Who Fight are 14 women standing up against cancer. They’re a mix of survivors, fighters and supporters. Many of these women are our friends and our clients, and we wish with all our heart that they didn’t have to have this journey. We felt called to contribute to their inspiring work.

While obviously, their goal is to raise funds, we recognize that the Ladies Who Fight is much bigger than this. Their collective is a place of healing, it’s a community that empowers and supports each other, and it helps raise awareness about cancer.

McKinnon Photography, The Ladies Who Fight and Natalee Rhodes from Generations Laser have come together to present the Cancer Survivors and Supporters Portrait Event.

When: May 17 between 2pm-7pm (if this time doesn’t work for you, please let us know as we may also open up May 18)

What it is: You will arrive at the studio for a makeup touch-up with Natalee Rhodes. Then Karen McKinnon will create your intimate black and white studio portrait. The session will include a printed 11×14 wall portrait of the image that is most meaningful to you. Additional prints are available.

Who is this for: This is for anybody that wants to support these incredible women. $150 from each session will go towards the Ladies Who Fight Relay for Life team and $50 will help cover some of the costs of this portrait event. The session fee therefore is $200. The studio is a beautiful venue for intergenerational relationships and also for those who want a special picture of themselves. We can promise privacy for those who want a photo that is a bit more vulnerable. We ask that each grouping is a max of 3 people. If you’re unsure if this is for you, please message us as we are open to include anyone who feels moved to participate. This is not just for cancer survivors.

How do I book: Please click here and book your spot. Please read the information on the link.

If you have questions please email us at info@mckinnonphotography.com 

For more information on the Ladies Who Fight and the Relay for Life event, please click the links.

Meet a few of the 14 Ladies who Fight


I had some of the Ladies who Fight into the studio to create some sample images of what you can expect from this portrait event and if you follow along on McKinnon Photography to meet more of these amazing women.

Meet Laura and her daughter Dale. Laura story is phenomenal, in the way that her diagnosis occurred. She  was stung by a wasp on her breast, and then reacted to it which led her to an ultrasound revealing abnormal cells, which were cancerous. Within two weeks she was on the other side of a single mastectomy, during the busiest season of her business. Her life, and her outlook and appreciation  for it,  has forever changed.



Team member and cancer survivor Seanie, who is a barrel of positivity and energy. This woman is the epitome of grace.


Remember to follow  along on McKinnon Photography to meet more of these amazing women.