15Oct '15

Comox Valley Wedding-Chantal and TJ

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It went like this: A very thoughtful TJ called my office and booked me as his wedding photographer and swore me to secrecy that I would not tell his fiancée . He knew that she had always imagined me being her photographer, and planned to surprise her. Here was the problem. I knew his fiancée, and it seemed like we were grocery shopping on the same schedule pretty regularly. Of course, through facebook, I knew she was engaged, and she likely knew that I knew.

So there I am, dodging her in Quality Foods, avoiding the soup aisle when I saw here there, taking longer in produce, in order to watch her move out of dairy. Then, there was that time she came and purchased a gift certificate for a co-worker, and I managed to get it in her hands without seeing her. Because…I didn’t want to create an awkward moment or ruin the surprise.

Shortly afterwards, I ran into TJ’s mom, Mary Anne, who told me she wanted to hire me as a surprise for her son and soon to be daughter-in-law. I didn’t let the cat out the bag, but did place a call to TJ right away.

If that doesn’t melt your heart, maybe this will.

TJ and Chantal have been holding out for their dream match, and they were brought together by Chantal’s brothers, who explained TJ as a “male version of their sister.”

Two years later, TJ, in love with her creativity and positive attitude, proposed to Chantal during a trip to Vegas.  Her answer was easy, she was smitten with his huge heart, patience and sense of humor. Everyone who loves them couldn’t have been happier.

At their wedding, their family and friends beamed as much as they did. It was a stunning ceremony overlooking the Comox harbour followed by a great party, with Fireball selfies, rubber chickens, buckets of donuts, and tons of joy!

Chantal and TJ, I don’t think there are many people nicer than you two.  You two together, well, I think that just makes the world a better place.  xoxo Karen



















Ceremony: Port Augusta Park, Comox, BC

Reception: Comox Recreation Centre, Comox, BC

Hair and Makeup: Level 10 Eurospa 

Dress: Divas Bridal and Prom, Campbell River

Catering: Cloves

Flowers: Thrifty Foods

Dessert: Cake from Thrifty Foods and donuts from Cumberland Bakery 

Safe Drive Home: Ambassador Studio